ENI – Oliktok Construction 400 Man Camp

The current Eni petroleum camp (Oliktok Construction camp) began life in Delta Junction as a miner construction camp. It was moved to the 12 Acre Pad in Prudhoe Bay November of 2006. Pioneer Natural Resources awarded the contract to Arctic Catering to do the food service and housekeeping as soon as the facility was ready to occupy as a construction camp to build their infrastructure, on and off shore.

In 2008 Eni Petroleum awarded the new contract to Arctic Catering based on our past job performance with Pioneer.  We have continued to retain our contract with Eni based on the client and resident satisfaction.  The original camp has gone through several metamorphous as it was designed to serve 211 residents; this past construction season we had 575 residents on location for many weeks. Arctic Catering on-site management team worked with Eni in expanding the facilities to accommodate the increase in population. We were also very instrumental in designing the new food production facility at their permanent operations center.  Eni is extremely proud of their new North Slope restaurant.

Currently we are supporting another busy construction season for the Spy Island off shore drill site which will continue until the Fall of 2011.

We have enjoyed a good working relationship with Eni Petroleum in providing camp services and the key  has been for us to be flexible in our management of services at Oliktok Construction Camp.